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Tilehome LVT is a luxury vinyl tile with unique design, giving your room a modern minimalist impression.

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These rectangular tiles can be created with various design styles in your dream room. Commonly used in Scandinavian and minimalist desain styles.

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The long form, rounded on one side end, and inward arch on the other edge makes this tiles suitable for art deco architectural style nowadays.

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HEXA Series

Classical pure white color, timeless look Our mosaics are suitable for wall and backsplash installation close-set hexagon will give your room a bold and graphic impact.

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This collection is contemporary rectangular size, due to the individuality of the glaze reaction and the crackle, each piece is unique and individual, resulting in a dynamic and exclusive ambiance.

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KIKAT Series

Perfect for splash backs, small areas or entire walls bathroom or kitchen. Three different colours give you options meet your design. the Porcelain Mosaics series will achieve timeless interiors teeming with elegance. A must have for design devotees.

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Luxury Vinyl Tile

Refine your interior design today!

Nordic Series

The Northerness aesthetic is usually associated with the Nordic/Scandinavian countries, deep woodlands, Northern Lights, small red houses, and ancient pagan rites. It can also include the hygge atmosphere. Its clothing and interior styles are calm and muted.

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Alpine Series

The richness of Alpine style is expressed in simplicity and expensive natural materials used for decor, which makes it a perfect choice for admirers of a laidback yet cozy and elegant home.

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